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Fausse Piste La Pyramide Syrah Columbia Valley 2011
$23.99/$19.20 by the case
Jesse Skiles at Portland's Fausse Piste winery is a true Northern Rhône freak and his dedication to finding a pure expression of Syrah from Washington vineyards has been highlighted here before. Yep, get ready for another winner. The La Pyramide 2011 is a multi-vineyard blend of Syrah co-fermented with 18% Viognier, then aged for several years in neutral oak barrels. Lift the glass to your nose and swirling aromas of dark cherry, blueberry and graham crackers mingle with nutty wood notes, herbs and violets. The flavors are no less enthralling, as cinnamon-spiced plums and even more dark cherry get a savory bump and then a high-toned lift from orange zest and a bracing lemony streak (the Viognier at work). The mouthfeel clearly has benefited from that extra time in wood - it's creamy and rich, with juicy tannins, hints of minerality and bright acidity that keeps everything in perfect balance. Tasty, classy, ready to roll and a great value - come on down!

Sineann Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2007
$22.99/$18.40 by the case | Regular price $42
You never know what fun things are hiding in Sineann's basement until you look. Oh, what's this? A 2007 Napa Cab, labeled for some place in Ohio? Gently resting, gathering dust... So how's it taste? Explosive. If nothing else, this proves that glass stoppers certainly keep their seal; this seems as fresh and vibrant as a recent vintage, backed by a whole mixed berry pie of developed flavors. Mouthfilling and expansive, there's a beacon of raspberry tanginess surrounded by a pool of saturated kirsch and boysenberry flavors, dusted with powdered cocoa and crumbled vanilla cookies. A sappy powerhouse, if you like your Cabs big and juicy, this is for you. Originally $42 (and arguably tasting like it), they'll let it go for $23; after all, they hardly knew they had it.

Viña Olabarri Rioja Reserva 2009
$19.99/$15.99 by the case
We know many of you enjoyed the 2005 bottling of this Spanish favorite from local importer Phil Smith over the past few years. The supply seemed to last forever - which was fine because it was so good. And now the 2009 vintage has arrived after being perfectly aged for five years in the cellar. Take a taste and you'll discover why it's been a best-seller here. Combining the Old World's slightly rustic dark cherry, savory herb, light oak and subtle earthy flavors with a touch of the New World's spicy dark marionberry, plum compote, black pepper and cocoa, the Olabarri is complex, balanced and just a bit mysterious. A traditional midweight Rioja, the 2009 is silky-textured, open-knit and bright, but also displays nice depth and a mouthfilling long finish. A bit less chewy and dark compared to the '05 version, this should be even more food-friendly and a perfect match for pork, grilled spring lamb, paella of course - and even a good juicy burger fresh off the grill.

Pascal Aufranc Beaujolais Chénas Vignes de 1939
$14.99/$11.99 by the case Regular price $26
When someone says Cru Beaujolais, John usually throws Kevin a glance and watches his ears perk up. Even more so when said wine is produced from 70+ year-old estate grown vines, in one the most sought after appellations in the region - Chénas. As far as Kev's concerned, if you drink Pinot Noir how can you not love Gamay? The beauty of this wine is it shows like much more expensive cru's. Traditionally made and aged on the lees in concrete vats for nine months, Pascal teases out savory notes of herbal cranberry, tart cherry, wild strawberry and earthy rhubarb compote. In the classic Beaujolais fashion, the wine is medium-bodied with an elegant soft texture, propped up by taut minerality and laced with subtle tannins. Beautiful! Now glance back up at that price, do yourself a favor and try out a bottle.

Teutonic Wine Co. Sprockets White Wine 2014
$17.99/$14.40 by the case
To quote SNL's Deiter circa 1990, "Now is the time on Schprockets ven ve dance!" and this little number will have your tastebuds fired up and partying. Loaded with expressive flavors of ripe apricot, honeyed white flowers, lemon verbena, white peach, anise and some orange marmalade just for excess, there's tons of creamy mouthfeel and zippy acidity to keep it all rocking along. Whoa! Who else but Barnaby and Olga would create a crazy field blend of Scheurebe, Huxelrebe and Pinot Noir? Sourced from High Pass Vineyard in the far southern Willamette Valley near Eugene, the fruit basked in the warmth of 2014's summer growing season, but enjoyed cool mellow nights that kept things bright and fresh. This wine will be perfect for easy-goin' glugging on the porch by itself or in tandem with fish or a warm roast chicken. Dance very stiffly onward!

A Cameron Duo

Cameron Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2013
$19.99/$15.99 by the case
This Pinot Noir just landed and as always moves quickly so it's best to get the word out. Even though John Paul produces a relatively small amount of Pinot and could sell it all at higher prices he is committed to producing this, a high quality handcrafted Pinot for just $20. Now if he would only make more...oh well, maybe in 2014. Anyway, this 2013 is typical Cameron-style - medium bodied with a crunchy waxy texture, the fruit is mostly high-toned cherry with nuggets of darker currant fading in and out. Throw in some brown spice notes, a light citrus edge and a little sweet funk on the nose and you're there. Very Limited.

Cameron Giovanni Pinot Bianco 2014
$14.99/$11.99 by the case
The stories of 2014 fruit overload are starting to roll in, like this one. Normally all Pinot Blanc (hence the name), the 2014 has a good dose of Chardonnay and Pinot Gris as well - with an abundance of lovely fruit rolling in the door they just kept adding it in. All the grapes came from Abbey Ridge Vineyard, pretty amazing for a $15 wine and the fruit quality is apparent. This wine was originally meant to mimic northern Italian whites but this vintage has more of an Alsatian profile. The deep river of fruit is bathed in a lanolin-like milkiness, creamy and lush, balanced by an airy edge of acidity. The mix of varietals gives this a nuanced flavor complexity from perfumed apple blossom on the nose to pear mid-palate to dried apricot on the finish. 

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