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February, 2016

Limited Time Offer

"Small berries give us greater intensity of color, aroma and texture. It is a magnificent vintage that combines density with balance and immediate appeal. We are in love."
-Ken Wright on his 2016 single vineyard Pinot Noir

Although offering a personality all its own, the 2016 Oregon Pinot Noir vintage appears to complete an unprecedented three-in-a-row hat trick as a flood of early reports and tasting notes point to another exceptional vintage. After two successive high quality (and relatively stress-free) vintages, winemakers knew that based on history a third was unlikely and many wondered what curve balls would be thrown their way. In the end, despite some clear differences with 2014 and 2015, the quality and enthusiasm looks to be very similar, if not even better in some ways, according to several winemakers.

The 2016 season started even earlier than '14 or '15 with a burst of unseasonably hot weather in spring, leading to a shortened flowering period which resulted in a smaller fruit set and ultimately an overall smaller berry size. Concerns about a hot summer (leading to over-ripe grapes) happily drifted away as summer temperatures were quite mild, cooler than 2014 and 2015 and with fewer heat spikes. This long, evenly-paced growing season translated to a long, evenly-paced hangtime, the key to complexity and balance. The biggest similarity with the two previous vintages was conditions at harvest in the best of ways: no pressure from rain, rot or over-ripeness, just bringing in what an official harvest report called "practically immaculate fruit with few signs of disease, pest or bird effects".

Thanks to lower yields, smaller berry size and the long mild summer, the hallmarks of 2016 look to be concentration, intensity, complexity and balance. Comments from a range of winemakers (and AVAs) share a common theme: "wonderful concentration and complexity with natural acidity"; "expressive flavors and great energy"; "really intense aromatics"; "darker denser fruit profile with beautiful structure (think 2008)". And the most enthusiastic assessment from an Eola-Amity Hills winegrower: "if 2014 and 2015 made very good wines, 2016 may be headed toward greatness". 

Available vineyards:
Abbot Claim (limited availability)
Bonnie Jean
Canary Hill
Freedom Hill
Hirschy (New - Yamhill-Carlton)

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$110 each. Please inquire about larger sizes. 

Payment is due upon confirmation of your order. Wines are scheduled to be released around Thanksgiving 2017.

Order Deadline: Saturday February 25 

Overall availability is much smaller than 2014 and 2015 due to lower yields so sooner is better. If after Feb. 25, call and we can see what is still available.

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November, 2016

Top Fall Oregon Pinot Noir Releases
From Thomas and Cameron    

November is when we get folks' top wines and here are a few of the hard-to-get ones. More bottlings will be arriving soon as well.

Thomas Dundee Hills Pinot Noir 2014
John Thomas makes a beautifully pure, elegantly-styled Pinot Noir that is delicate and subtle when young,but ages into something more complex and layered. 2014 is an excellent vintage with balance, pretty dark cherry and raspberry fruit, with the usual classic mineral hint underneath. Never much around, so grab it while you can.

Cameron Clos Electrique Rouge Dundee Hills Pinot Noir 2014
This is absolutely delicious can't-miss wine and was the star of the show at a recent tasting that included 20+ of Oregon's best wineries. Surprisingly drinkable now, but clearly a great ager in the making, it's classic Clos Electrique: Dark cherry and raspberry with a layer of red plum spice, earthy notes, and a wild berry streak to boot. Packed with 2014 fruit, this remains balanced and focused, with a sappy core that marries well with just the right amount of bright acidity and juicy tannins. A long and deep finish is the bonus. Need we say not to miss this one? $64.99

Cameron Abbey Ridge Rouge Dundee Hills Pinot Noir 2014
More elegant and refined this vintage compared to the Clos, high-toned floral and spice aromatics start the show, leading to bright cherry, cranberry and lighter raspberry flavors, with a nice touch of dusty earthiness and minerality. This clearly has the stuffing to cellar well and based on past experience will open up and deliver the goods with some age. $64.99

Cameron Clos Electrique Blanc Dundee Hills Pinot Noir 2014
No question this is Oregon's top Chardonnay in many vintages and is always a threat to double as a French white Burgundy when brown bagged. Full of lemon cream and ripe pear with a zing of lemon zest, tree blossom floral notes, and delicious brown spice, it's absolutely delicious now. The never-ending complexity and ultra-long finish will amaze you., and experienced fans know that it ages for a long time and just gets better and better. $64.99


September, 2016

Produttori del Barbaresco Riserva Single Vineyards 2011    

The Wine Spectator has a review section called Hot Wines with “the most exciting discoveries...worth seeking out”. Several Produttori single vineyard Riservas landed there recently and deservedly so. Although the 2010 vintage received effusive praise, producing fantastic wines in Barolo and the Piedmont in general, Aldo Vacca of Produttori says 2011 was actually better in Barbaresco (they didn’t even bottle Riservas in 2010); here’s some proof.

Muncagota Riserva 2011
All about finesse, elegance and a silky texture. Cherry, eucalyptus, licorice and spice flavors permeate the vibrant frame. The balance suggests you could enjoy this now, but there is a firm underlying structure. The terrific finish echoes the fruit and ups the ante with a chalky, minerally vein. 
95 points - $49.99 

Rabajà Riserva 2011
A juicy, cherry-, menthol- and tar-flavored red, with a linear profile and fine tension. Floral and mineral elements enter the fray as this builds to a long finish. 95 points - $64.99

Pajé Riserva 2011
Broad and savory, boasting cherry, leather, tobacco, wild thyme and eucalyptus notes. A sweet fruit essence offsets the dense tannins. The finish stretches out. 
94 points - $49.99