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Limited Time Offer - Order Deadline: Saturday March 16

"Deep, dreamy and gorgeous."
-Ken Wright on his 2018 single vineyard Pinot Noir

After an introduction like that I feel that I don't need to add much more but a few words on vintage conditions. Overall 2018 was another warm, dry growing season with two important footnotes. One is that despite the summer's warmth, it was consistent with no major heat spikes. Second is that autumn brought markedly cooler weather and a nice dose of rain in September, refreshing the vines and extending the season by allowing the grapes longer time on the vine. Longer hangtime in moderate, even weather develops more complex flavors while retaining balancing acidity.  

And boom! The result: deep, dreamy and gorgeous Pinot Noir. The few barrel samples that Julianne brought for our tasting last weekend were in line with Ken's comments. Full-flavored, layered and succulent, their generous fruit profile was balanced by lively youthful acidity. Although still in the process of becoming bona fide wines, it was clear to see the promise of beauty and depth ahead. 

The one downside to the vintage at KWC is that production was down 20%, so for some vineyards availability and pricing is different this year as noted below. 

Pricing and Ordering
(some changes this year):

Larger Acreage Vineyards:
Bonnie Jean, Canary Hill, Carter, Freedom Hill, Guadalupe, Savoya, Shea

Bottles: $56.99 discounted presale price
(Non-futures price $65)  

20% off mixed or full cases: $45.50 bottle/$546 case

Small Acreage Vineyards: 
Abbott Claim, Bryce, Hirschy, Latchkey, McCrone, Tanager

After March 15, these vineyards will be only be available at the winery

Bottles: $64.99
Cases: 20% off mixed or full cases: $52 bottle/$624 case

Order Deadline: Saturday March 16
After March 16 contact us to see what may still be available. 

Payment is due upon confirmation of your orderWines are scheduled to be released around Thanksgiving 2019. 

To place orders:Call us at (503) 287-2897 or email 

Questions? Please call or email and we'll be glad to help.